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Tonik is the ultimate outdoor school that offers a wide range of exhilarating activities for adventure enthusiasts.

Whether you're looking to hit the slopes, glide across the water, or explore the depths of the ocean, Tonik has got you covered with our expert ski and snowboard lessons, water sports experience, and diving excursions.

Join Tonik today and experience the thrill of outdoor adventure like never before!


TONIK极限是一所户外学校,为户外运动爱好者提供各种户外的课程。 无论您是想体验滑雪、水上娱乐还是探索海洋深处,TONIK都能为您提供专业的滑雪课程、水上桨板运动和自由潜水课程。 立即加入 Tonik,体验前所未有的户外探险

Our Courses


Embark on an unforgettable summer adventure with Tonik Outdoor, offering SUP certification, water gliding sports, diving, and camping. Glide across pristine waters with SUP, mastering balance and paddle techniques. Explore vibrant reefs and shipwrecks while diving into the depths of the ocean. Feel the exhilaration of wakeboarding, waterskiing, or kiteboarding. Unwind in the beauty of nature with camping options that allow you to immerse yourself in the great outdoors. With expert instructors, top-notch equipment, and a range of activities, Tonik Outdoor provides the perfect blend of excitement and relaxation for an unforgettable summer experience.

与 Tonik 一起踏上难忘的夏季冒险之旅,提供桨板认证、水上滑翔运动、潜水和露营。乘坐桨板滑过自然水域,掌握平衡和划桨技术。潜入海洋深处,探索充满活力的珊瑚礁和沉船。感受尾波冲浪或风筝冲浪的刺激。体验露营让您在大自然的美景中放松身心,学习露营和户外生存的基础技巧与知识。 Tonik Outdoor 拥有专业教练、一流设备和一系列活动,将刺激与放松完美融合,为您带来难忘的夏季体验。


Experience the thrill of winter with Tonik Outdoor's Snow School. Discover the magic of snow sports as you hit the slopes for skiing and snowboarding lessons. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced rider, our expert instructors will guide you through the exhilarating world of snow sports. From learning the basics of balance and technique to mastering advanced tricks and jumps, Tonik Outdoor's Snow School offers an unforgettable winter adventure. Embrace the snowy wonderland and create lasting memories with Tonik Outdoor's winter snow school.

与 Tonik滑雪学校一起体验冬天的快乐。当您前往滑雪场参加滑雪和单板滑雪课程时,会发现雪上运动的魔力。无论您是初学者还是高级滑手,我们专业的教练都会指导您更快地掌握和提升滑雪技巧。从学习平衡和技术的基础知识到掌握高级滑行和跳跃技巧,Tonik 滑雪学校都将提供令人难忘的冬季运动体验。与 Tonik Outdoor 一起拥抱雪季运动,创造持久的回忆。

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